Video: State Senator who Slammed ‘Government Plantation’ is Back – and You’ll Want to Hear About His New Role

Photo Credit: YouTube Those who were moved by Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory’s powerful YouTube video explaining why he left the “government plantation” in favor of the Republican Party recently may be happy to know that he is back not just with another compelling video — but with an influential new position.

It was recently announced that Guillory will be serving as honorary chairman of the Free at Last PAC, which describes itself as being “formed by several leaders as an effort to support Black Republicans who run for federal office and also to educate Blacks about the values of the Republican Party.”

“Liberalism has nearly destroyed black America, and now it’s time for black America to return the favor,” Guillory says with a smile in his new video.

Throughout the video, the state senator argues that the Republican Party is more in line with the values of the black community than the Democrat Party, asking: “After all, what was God’s plan for our people? Is this why God delivered us from the wilderness of slavery, so that able-bodied men could sit on the porch all day sipping liquor? Was it God’s plan that we would trade one plantation for another?”

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