The End of Republican Party

They call it the Grand Old Party. It may be old, but it’s anything but grand right now.

And the Republicans who replaced the Whigs may soon be as relevant as Andrew Jackson’s party if they are not very careful.

What do I mean?

America is at a politically critical turning point – a point of no return.

If Republicans don’t use the power they have in the House of Representatives to defeat amnesty and defund Obamacare, they risk political obsolescence – as well as a future America with no chance to return to constitutionally limited government.

The way things look right now, Republicans do not have the will or intestinal fortitude even to fight back, let alone play the cards voters overwhelmingly gave them in 2010.

Maybe Republicans need a reminder: They control one-half of a bicameral legislature – the half needed to approve all funding for all programs, agencies, departments and initiatives of the federal government.

Republicans have the power to kill Obamacare by defunding it. They don’t need a single Democratic vote.

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