Duck Dynasty’s Si Robertson on Life, Marriage Proposals, and His Unwavering Belief in The Creator

Photo Credit: A&E Jim Fiscus

Photo Credit: A&E Jim Fiscus

Silas Merritt Robertson, who’s best known as “Uncle Si” on A&E’s most watched reality television show “Duck Dynasty” spoke with The Christian Post about his new book, Si-Cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncle that will be available on Sept. 3…

In his book, Si shares a spattering of stories about his childhood – skipping school to go fishing with his older brothers – and how he managed to earn A’s at Louisiana Tech after he skipped most of his classes during an entire semester.

Si’s mastery of storytelling runs throughout his descriptions of the Vietnam War and how he met his wife, Christine. The always-jovial Uncle Si also speaks candidly about the difficulties he and Christine have faced, and how God has blessed and sustained them throughout their 43 years of marriage. He also shares their unexpected blessing of having two children, Trasa and Scott, and eight grandchildren.

Although he’s spoken for, the marriage proposals keep rolling in for Si. All the single ladies who envision themselves walking down the aisle with the elder duck hunter are shattered when Si breaks the disappointing news that he can’t marry them because his wife will get mad.

“I was at an event in Arkansas, and a woman walked up and was standing there, and I was waiting for her to hand me something to sign – a T-shirt, a hat or whatever. And she said, ‘well, I’m ready.’ And I looked up and I said, ready for what? ‘Ready to marry you. I drove 450 miles here just to marry you.’ I told her we’ve got a slight problem here, lady. And she said, ‘what’s that?’ I’m already married and my wife probably wouldn’t like me marrying you. ‘You mean I drove 450 miles for nothing?’ I said, no. Isn’t that a T-shirt you’ve got hanging over your shoulder. ‘Yeah.’ Well, I’ll sign it for you darlin’ that’s the best I can do for you,” he said.

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