Rand Paul Says “50/50” Chance House Will Authorize Force in Syria; Senate a “Rubber Stamp”


A leading skeptic of U.S. intervention in conflicts abroad said Sunday that he believes there is only a “50/50” chance that the GOP-controlled House will vote to authorize the use of U.S military force in the Syria.

“I think it’s at least 50/50 whether the House will vote down involvement in the Syrian war,” Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“I think the Senate will rubber stamp what [Obama] wants but I think the House will be a much closer vote,” he added. “And there are a lot of questions we have to ask.”

Paul, a staunch defender of civil liberties who has battled against members of his own party over the government’s use of drones and NSA data collection programs, said he believes it’s a “mistake” to get involved in a civil war in Syria that could escalate “out of control.”

But he praised President Barack Obama’s announcement Saturday that he will seek congressional authority for military intervention in the civil war-torn country.

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Kerry says Congress won’t turn its back on the Syrian people

By Mackenzie Weinger.

Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday said he “can’t contemplate” that Congress would not authorize military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad and therefore “turn its back on” the United States’ allies in the region and “on innocent Syrian people who have been slaughtered by this gas.”

Host Chris Wallace asked Kerry on “Fox News Sunday” what would happen if Congress refused to give its authorization for military action in Syria, and Kerry replied that he does not believe that will happen.

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