Sowell: Our ‘Public Servants’ Have Turned Into Public Masters

Photo Credit: M.Scott MahaskeyThrow the Rascals Out?

Polls indicate that the public is so disgusted with Washington politicians of both parties that a surprisingly large proportion of the people would like to get rid of the whole lot of them.

It is certainly understandable that the voters would like to “throw the rascals out.” But there is no point in throwing the rascals out if we are just going to get a new set of rascals to replace them.

In other words, we need to think about what there is about current political practices that repeatedly bring to power such a counterproductive set of people. Those we call “public servants” have in fact become public masters. And they act like it.

They squander ever more vast amounts of our tax money and still leave trillions of dollars of national debt to be paid by our children and grandchildren.

They intrude into our private lives with ever more restrictions, red tape and electronic surveillance.

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