Joe Miller: Time to Take a Stand

The Obamacare shutdown and debt ceiling debacle made one thing abundantly clear. We cannot count on the Washington establishment to save the country we love.

It is time for patriots to take a stand!

It is unconscionable that the President, Harry Reid, and Mark Begich would shut down the government to bail out a failed program that Americans don’t want, can’t afford, and that manifestly does not work.

The backroom deal cut by Congressional leadership to end the government shutdown only reinforced what ordinary Americans already knew – Washington isn’t serious.

The establishment compromise did nothing to mitigate the harmful consequences of Obamacare for Alaskans, it did nothing to address the dire fiscal situation our country is in, and it did nothing to offer relief to small businesses that are struggling in Barack Obama’s economy.

When the President can grant Obamacare waivers for Congress and their staff, big business, big labor, and any number of his favored cronies, but chooses to make the American people and family businesses suffer, we have a problem.  America deserves better.

The bipartisan cabal that just voted to fund Obamacare and give the president a blank check until February simply cannot be trusted.  If you need any further evidence, consider the fact that the national debt jumped by more than three hundred billion dollars the day after the “big bargain.”

Barack Obama told America that raising the debt ceiling would avert a default on US debt, but that’s not how China’s Dagong credit agency saw it. Here is how the Chinese downgrade of US credit was reported by the president’s hometown paper, The Chicago Tribune:

Dagong said that the temporary fix of the debt issue would not defuse the fundamental conundrum of the U.S. fiscal deficit or improve repayment ability in the long-term, but could trigger defaults at any time in the future.

“The deal means only an escape from a debt default for the time being, but hasn’t changed the fact that the growth of government borrowing has largely outpaced overall economic growth and fiscal revenues,” China’s biggest home-grown ratings agency said in a statement. 

It seems everybody but Washington knows that we are swiftly approaching a “fiscal cliff” that will be catastrophic for the future of our country.

As much as he would like to change the narrative and pass himself off as an independent voice in Washington, Mark Begich was there at every turn to aid and abet the President and Harry Reid. The only thing independent about our junior senator is that his words are independent from his actions.

We cannot count on Senator Begich and the “me too” Republicans to represent us. That’s why I’ve filed to run for US Senate.

However Mark Begich and the establishment media choose to spin things, one thing is certain. More spending and debt is bad for Alaska, and it could be catastrophic.

Now the president seems intent on resurrecting the amnesty bill that passed the Senate in June with the full support of our Senate delegation.  

The Weekly Standard reported yesterday that this administration has spent 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare payments over the last five years. Imagine the staggering consequences to our health and welfare systems should we grant blanket amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens. The insanity in Washington has to stop.

With your help, I will take reform to Washington. I pledge to stand along side the 144 House members, and 16 Senators who took a stand against the President’s reckless agenda to bankrupt America!

It’s time to stand and fight for the future of “the last best hope of man on earth.” Can I count on you?

Thanks for your generosity and support!

In Liberty,