Charlie Rangel Attacks Tea Party, says Obama Should Rule Like Dictator

Photo Credit: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty ImageAccording to Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., Tea Party Republicans want to destroy people in their districts, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did a good thing when he violated Senate rules to invoke the nuclear option, and Barack Obama should simply rule by decree, issuing executive orders for “everything,” Politicker reported Saturday.

“You know, the DREAM Act for the kids that came over here and didn’t know their home town, the president did that by executive order. What I did is I’ve taken out the language that he used and I’m gonna see why we can’t use executive orders for everything,” Rangel told NY1. “What’s he gonna do? Make the Republicans angry? They’re gonna get annoyed? They’re not gonna cooperate?”

Rangel — who once served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney under Robert F. Kennedy — also praised Harry Reid for violating Senate rules to invoke the nuclear option on filibusters against judicial nominees and wished he could do the same for legislation in the House.

He then slammed Tea Party Republicans for refusing to cooperate with Obama, and compared them to criminals.

“A police officer once told me when I was a kid that the worst criminal to deal with is one that doesn’t mind dying,” he said. “And if you take a look at what these Tea Party people have done–recognizing that there’s more sick and poor white folks then there is–but they still are resisting everything that the president wants to do so they can destroy the people in their district in terms of education and jobs, the Congress, the Republican name. And when we had the debt ceiling crisis, they were really prepared to let the United States of America fiscal policy to go in the tubes. How can you talk with people like this?”

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