Obama Gushes Over Bill Clinton at Awards Ceremony

Photo Credit: Getty ImagesPresident Obama heaped praise on President Bill Clinton at the White House Wednesday — after reports of lingering friction between the two men.

“Lifting up families like his own became the story of Bill Clinton’s life,” Obama said, lauding Clinton before eventually placing a Medal of Freedom around his neck. “He made life better and easier for so many people across the country.”

“Thank you so much, President Clinton,” Obama gushed – expressing appreciation for advice Clinton gave him “on and off the golf course” and for putting up with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s travel schedule.

The homage to Bubba and his record in office came just weeks after a new book, “Double Down,” described a 2011 golf game between the two men, where Obama reportedly told an aide, in reference to Clinton: “I like him … in doses.”

Clinton, according to the same book, referred to Obama as “luckier than a dog with two d—-” during his reelection campaign.

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