Teacher Fired After Kicking Planned Parenthood Out of His Class

Photo Credit: LifeNews By Brendan O’Morchoe.

As Planned Parenthood loses the control they’re accustomed to have over government funding and legislation, they may be getting a bit desperate. As they’re known to do, the organization takes to bullying when it gets uncomfortable. The Susan G. Komen saga is one example among many: If you try to stand up to us, they say, we’ll make your life hell. Their latest victim is a computer science teacher. At a high school.

That’s right: Planned Parenthood is after the career and livelihood of a distinguished, highly-qualified, good high school teacher, Bill Diss, who had the audacity to tell Planned Parenthood that they were not allowed in his classroom.

Apparently, Planned Parenthood will rally tooth-and-nail to make sure that ‘hostile forces’ stay out of pro-choice women’s uteri (unless, of course, we’re talking about government funding of contraception), but informing Planned Parenthood that it is not welcome in a classroom is against the rules of the (lopsided) game.

Diss has a history with Planned Parenthood dating to 2007 when he led community opposition to a new Planned Parenthood abortion facility being built in a minority neighborhood in Portland. He raised Planned Parenthood’s ire again when a “health education team” came into his computer science classroom uninvited and attempted to enroll his students in the Health and Human Services’ Teen Outreach Program (TOP).

One of TOP’s goals is to prevent teen pregnancy, and the team who came to enroll Diss’ students (using monetary incentives) was hired by—you guessed it—Planned Parenthood. When Diss – unaware of whether the ‘team’ had been background-checked or had received sex/child abuse certifications – asked Planned Parenthood to leave his classroom.

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Photo Credit: LifeNews Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Caught With Rusty Suction Machines, Expired Drugs

By Cheryl Sullenger.

Operation Rescue has obtained a copy of an inspection report issued by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services detailing 14 pages of violations at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in St. Louis discovered during an inspection of the facility in January, 2013.

The documents also reveal evidence that Planned Parenthood is working with city officials to prevent the public from obtaining information about 911 calls that has traditionally been within the public domain.

Deficiencies cited during an inspection earlier this year included:

• Violations of infection prevention protocols.
• Rusty surgical tables, suction abortion machines, IV stands, and other equipment.
• “Copious amounts of dust” in surgical rooms and on equipment.
• Hiring individuals without performing a mandated search of the Employee Disqualification List.
• Retained left-over drugs that were supposed to be destroyed after a single use.
• Lack of appropriate drug-handling policies.
• Expired drugs.
• Expired postpartum balloons used to reduce hemorrhage after abortion.

The inspection was prompted by complaints filed by Operation Rescue and other local activists after they had documented numerous medical emergencies at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood facility, raising concerns about the clinic’s safety.

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