Mother With Multiple Sclerosis Loses Her Health Coverage Due to Obamacare

Photo Credit: Life News Please pray for Whitney Johnson. We shared her story on the Sean Hannity show on Friday and have been promoting her story nationwide. Today she sent us an update and prayer request, and she said we could share with you.

She’s a beautiful 26-year-old mother with M.S. and, due to ObamaCare, her health plan was canceled. The problems are getting worse. Please read and pray. This is happening to real Americans.

Whitney’s request, “Pray for me this morning, I actually just found out moments ago that in order to be added to my husband’s insurance (which is the route I thought I was going to be able to go) it is going to cost me $900 per month, and the insurance is awful. It doesn’t cover my treatments, and I have to pay $5k out of pocket before any co-insurance even picks up! We simply can not afford $900 per month for my health care alone. I also got word that my friend with type 1 diabetes just got quoted a premium of $600 per month with a $14,000 deductible!!! This is just outrageous. I trust The Lord will provide for me and my family or just heal my body so I no longer need treatments. I ask for you to pray.” #teamwhitney

Here is Whitney’s original letter to us at CWA:

I am one of the Americans that have already been affected by the Affordable Care Act. I am one of many who have been lied to over and over again by our president. I am one of many other fellow countrymen who have preexisting conditions. I am one who has already received my termination of coverage letter from my current insurance company. The letter informed me, as of December 31, I no longer have medical insurance coverage through my current provider because my plan “does not conform to the Affordable Care Act.” I too, as well as you, sat and listened to Obama promise that if “you like your current insurance, you can keep your current insurance.” We also heard him tell us as a nation that we would save on average of $2,500 per household. So when I opened my letter I received from my insurance company, I felt like I was living what Nancy Pelosi said back in 2010, that “we have to pass the Healthcare bill so that we can find out what is in it.” When I opened my letter I did indeed find out firsthand what was in ObamaCare — lies, lies, and more lies. Before you tune me out and accuse me of being a radical conservative, understand that I’m neither a democrat nor republican; I’m an American. An American that wants to see our country restored to its original intent. A country for the people, by the people. A country that once again can stand up and say, “In God we trust!” I want my little boy to be raised in an America where he still has opportunities. Where he learns to work hard for what he earns; not stand in line and wait for a hand out.

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