Miller Questions Opponents’ Willingness to Take on Federal Spending Crisis

Joe Miller speakingJoe Miller questioned the willingness of his opponents to truly take on the budget crisis facing this nation when their actions are considered in light of the passage of the $1.1 trillion Omnibus bill. President Obama signed the bill into law over the weekend, which implements, in part, the agreement laid out in the Murray-Ryan budget last month. 

The Murray-Ryan budget plan rolled back the budget cuts made under sequestration and increased spending by $63 billion. Unbelievably, while the agreement called for increased spending throughout the federal government, it cut military veteran retirees’ pay by $6 billion. The $1.1 trillion measure, over 1500 pages long, began implementing this agreement, which included keeping the pay cut for the majority of retired military veterans. The Alaska delegation, Republican and Democrat, voted for the bill. Joe Miller was the only Republican candidate for U.S. Senate to come out against Murray-Ryan. 

“That a $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill, laden with pork and breaching our commitments to our military veterans, would sail through Congress with substantial Republican support is a source of amazement and disappointment to me,” said Miller. 

A review of the Omnibus spending bill reveals an astounding level of wasteful and even immoral use of American taxpayers’ money, including: taxpayer-funded abortion, billions in green energy projects, massive transportation boondoggles, unrestricted money to the Justice Department, and – unbelievably – funding for the continued administration of TARP.

Joe Miller stated, “The Omnibus spending bill highlights everything that is wrong with Washington right now. The ‘go-along to get-along’ mentality that allowed its passage is the same mentality that is bankrupting America.” He concluded, “At a time when big government is seen as the top danger to the future of the nation, this vote only validates the people’s worst fears. It is clear the only way this issue will be addressed is with bold, new leadership, unafraid to take on the political establishment.” 

Joe Miller is a husband, father, combat veteran, businessman, and advocate for constitutional liberty, who believes in limited government, the Right to life, individual rights, private property, and free markets.