Rated-X Sex Ed Resources Being Pushed on Young Children in Kansas, New York (+video)

Explicit Sex Ed Poster

A poster listing X-rated sex acts was posted on a door in plain view of children at a middle school in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. And it was no accident. The visual aid was part of a “district approved curriculum” for the school’s health and science course.

Unbelievably, the school administration actually defended the use of the poster as a means to encourage discussion in the school’s health class. One teacher even maintained that the rated-X sex ed poster was used for “abstinence based” curriculum.

You’ve got to hear it to believe it:


NY Common Core website sends kids to obscene sex quiz

By VALERIE STRAUSS. Anna Shah is the mother of a kindergarten student. While looking on the Engage NY site for materials on the Common Core, she encountered highly offensive materials on the Student Services Page. The NYSED link called “Make test prep fun,” took the student to a site with quizzes to determine if they are a “sexy bitch”, “evil”, “freak” etc. The site also included racist and homophobic slurs. Some quizzes were supposed to determine if “you were a true Mexican,” a “slut,” or gay. Ms. Shah immediately notified the department and they took the site down. Apparently the link had been up since October 2012. Prior to its removal, I took screen shots of some of the pages, which you can see here. Please be warned, it contains offensive language.

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