Bachmann: ‘Lawless’ Obama ‘Rules by Tweet,’ Congress Must Have Support from Voters to Impeach Him

What will be President Barack Obama’s legacy after he leaves office?

According to former 2012 Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann, Obama set precedents that will lead to the “establishment of lawlessness in the United States.”

“From stem to stern, this president has said, ‘The law doesn’t apply to me,’” Bachmann said in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller. “It’s almost like when a parent raises a child with no rules. The child gets to do what ever they want to do; there is no discipline and no standards. The president has decided that the laws don’t apply to him. It’s as though the Magna Carta never existed.

“He’s brought the American people to think that some how he has been given a magic scepter that allows him to change the law into what ever Barack Obama wants the law to be, which is the opposite of our form of government,” Bachmann continued. “No man is above the law, including the president of the United States.”

Bachmann pointed to Obama’s autocratic modifications of Obamacare as evidence of lawlessness.

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