Miller Says Shell Withdrawal Underscores Need for Change

Photo Credit: NewscastUS Senate Candidate Joe Miller says yesterday’s announcement of Shell Oil’s intent to withdraw from Alaska due to the adverse ruling passed down from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last week is further evidence of the failed Democrat agenda.

“This latest blow to Alaska’s economy is a testament to the fact that elections have consequences,” said Miller. “Returning Mark Begich to the US Senate will only ensure that we get more of the same: more moral support for Barack Obama; more power grabs by Harry Reid; more activists confirmed to the federal bench; and more anti-development appointees leading the federal bureaucracy. It’s time to make a change.”

Just yesterday, it was revealed that Mark Begich has collected nearly $20,000 in campaign cash over the last two cycles from board members, executives, and associates of the plaintiffs who sued to stop drilling in the Arctic Ocean. These plaintiffs included the Alaska Wilderness League, Pacific Environment, Defenders of Wildlife, the Village of Point Hope, Oceana, and EarthJustice.

And that doesn’t include other affiliated groups and non-profits who account for thousands more. And who knows what their donors are doing?

It’s time to send a senator to Washington that folks can trust to put principle over party. Alaskans deserve a leader that they know won’t be cheating on them with Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s environmentalist friends.