Judicial Watch Warns Iowa, Colorado, DC of Potential Election Integrity Lawsuits

Photo Credit: Reuters

Photo Credit: Reuters

Judicial Watch announced today that on March 24, 2014, it sent letters to top election officials in Iowa, Colorado, and the District of Columbia warning that it will file federal lawsuits against each state within 90 days if they fail to take immediate actions to comply with Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requiring them to maintain accurate lists of eligible voters. The organization also sent inquiries on March 6 to officials in California, New Mexico, Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois notifying them of potential “apparent problems” and asking these states to provide records of steps taken to assure the accuracy of voter lists.

The letters to the Secretaries of State in Iowa and Colorado and the Board of Elections Supervisors in the District of Columbia specifically warn:

We write to bring your attention to violations of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (“NVRA”) … This letter serves as statutory notice that Judicial Watch will bring a lawsuit against your office if you do not take specific actions to correct these violations of Section 8 within 90 days. In addition, by this letter we are asking you to produce certain records to us which you are required to make available under Section 8(i) of the NVRA. We hope that litigation will not be necessary to enforce either of these claims.

In each state and the District of Columbia, the letters advise the election officials of specific evidence gathered by the organization indicating that the jurisdiction is “failing to comply with the voter registration list requirements of Section 8 of the NVRA”:

• In Iowa:

[A] comparison of 2012 Census data and 2012 EAC data shows there were more people registered to vote than there were adults over the age of 18 living in each of the following 24 counties: Fremont, Johnson, Madison, Adams, Scott, Pocahontas, Kossuth, Poweshiek, Lyon, Cass, Dickinson, Clay, Chickasaw, Shelby, Boone, Worth, Hancock, Ida, Dallas, Audubon, Sac and Greene. A comparison with 2010 Census population estimates and 2010 EAC data shows that this trend has only worsened.

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