Hot Sauce CEO: U.S. No Different Than Communist Vietnam

Photo Credit: REUTERS / Jonathan AlcornThe maker of a popular hot sauce whose company faces possible government regulation says the U.S. reminds him of communist Vietnam, a country he escaped more than 30 years ago.

“Today, I feel almost the same [as when I left Vietnam],” David Tran, president of Huy Fong Foods, told NPR. “Even now we live in the USA, but my feeling, the government, not a big difference.”

Tran named his company after the Panamanian freighter that brought him and 3,000 other refugees to the U.S. in 1978, according to United Liberty.

Huy Fong’s sriracha hot sauce is a popular condiment, used in many Asian dishes and by restaurants like Applebee’s, Subway and P.F. Changs.

But a strong odor emitted from the company’s factory in Irwindale, Cal. has drawn complaints from a few neighbors who say that it gives them headaches and causes allergic reactions.

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