Will Nigeria’s Kidnapped Girls Eventually Lead To Obama Losing Control Of The Narrative On Islam?

Photo Credit: Western Journalism The very best ambush is always the one that traps its victim even before he recognizes he has been trapped. For instance, anacondas squeeze the life out of their victims before they know what the deadly snake is doing.

In the past few weeks, the “snake” of recognition has moved closer to Barack Obama. It may wrap itself around his boney body and compel him to make a decision about recognizing the danger of Islam, something he doesn’t want to do.

The first coil of the snake ironically came from Hollywood’s gay community, the members of which are reliable Obama cheerleaders. Recently, homosexuals rallied in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel to protest the fact that its owner, the Sultan of Brunei, had instituted Sharia Law in his country. They did not intend to damage their leader, but that is how their actions might play out.

It seems Hollywood’s gays have discovered that Sharia Law requires the execution of homosexuals, and this was quite a shock to these “fabulous” people. Some are rethinking this “Religion of Peace” thingy.

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