O’Reilly Disses His Fellow Fox Newsers

Photo Credit: futureatlas.comBill O’Reilly must feel pretty secure about his standing with his colleagues at Fox News, or else he’s past caring.

Answering a question from fellow Foxer Geraldo Rivera—does the right-leaning network cut President Obama enough slack? Does it treat him fairly?—the cable outlet’s prime-time star didn’t seem especially worried whose toes he stepped on.

“It depends on the hour,” the host of The O’Reilly Factor told a sold-out crowd at the 92nd Street Y Wednesday night. “If you watch Fox & Friends, [Steve] Doocy is an Obama-basher. He bashes Obama like clockwork. But the other two—Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] and Brian [Kilmeade]—they’d rather whip up a soufflé.”

“Rather whip up a soufflé”—a wonderful compliment or a withering dis? We report, you decide.

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