Prolific Historian: The Irony of Obama Feigning Peace Could Cause War (+audio)

Photo Credit: APTo one prominent historian and world observer, President Obama’s policies are raising the stakes for war, as well as extinguishing opportunities for our youth as the country gets more Europeanized.

When President Obama abdicates American world leadership, knowingly or not, he raises the likelihood that in the next two years, belligerents around the globe may take more risks because America is no longer likely to respond. What kind of risks are there for the country?

Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution says these risks could include, “I will cross the 38th parallel. I’m going to readjust this settlement in Cypress. I’m going to bully Japan, or Taiwan is ripe for invasion, or maybe we can take another Soviet republic back into Russia, or South America, there’s areas for aggrandizement.”

Confusing America’s former allies and adversaries, President Obama’s rejection of American exceptionalism has consequences not readily realized. Hanson says in this new 26 minute video interview with The Daily Caller filmed on June 10, “The irony is that Obama wants to be the global peacemaker, but by projecting this image of ambivalence, he’s going to be the global war-maker, if he’s not careful.”

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