Pat Buchanan Book Busts 'Myth' Nixon Was Racist, Had Vietnam 'Secret Plan

Patrick J. Buchanan, setting out to correct the “myths” of his former presidential boss, this week is unleashing a memo-filled memoir that debunks several charges against Richard Nixon, including the most scurrilous: the so-called GOP White House “southern strategy” was racist.

In The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority, Buchanan provides multiple examples of the former president’s “emotional empathy” with African-Americans and reminds readers that Democrats had a strong racist strain 50 years ago, as evidenced by the 1968 and 1972 presidential campaigns of segregationist Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

“Just about every Klan member between 1865 and 1965 is a Democrat, and we’re charged with all this stuff?” he said mockingly in an interview.

Hired in 1966 as one Nixon’s original and closest aides, Buchanan said, “I know exactly what was done, what happened, where we were, what we said.”

The southern strategy started when he and Nixon wrote a column for the Washington Post on May 8, 1966, that criticized a century of Democratic “racist oratory” in the South and recommended that the GOP “adhere to the principles” of Abraham Lincoln.

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