3-Year-Old Boy Born Without Fingers Gets “Iron Man” Hand Thanks to 3-D Printer

Photo Credit: LifeNewsA three-year-old Hawaiian boy received a robotic hand thanks to a 3D Printer. Nicknamed “Bubba”, Rayden Kahae was born without fingers due to Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS), which occurs when an unborn baby becomes entangled in the fibrous string-life amniotic bands in the womb. The bands restrict blood flow and can cause a wide spectrum of clinical abnormalities.

West Palm Beach TV shares more:

His grandmother, Rulan Waikiki, says, “Bubba was born with ABS which is amniotic band syndrome. It’s where the baby’s hands end up without some fingers, some with none, couple little stumps instead of fingers.”

But it’s life as he knew it. And while he thrived, he too knew he was different.

“He knew from earlier on when he could notice that his sister had two hands and he didn’t, that he always said he doesn’t like that hand he wanted one like Tita’s,” Waikiki said.

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