Weather Chief: Obama 'Prostituting' Climate Science

Photo Credit: WNDAs President Obama tries to rally the world to embrace his agenda to curb carbon emissions, Weatherbell Chief Forecaster Joe Bastardi is condemning the “prostituting” of climate science by Obama and others to further what he considers a political agenda.

On Tuesday, Obama addressed the United Nations Climate Summit, saying the world needs to confront the effects of man-made climate change and that no responsible nation can sit on the sidelines while the condition of the earth hangs in the balance for future generations. He also says the U.S. is one of the nations most responsible for the rise of carbon dioxide levels and, in turn, global temperatures.

Bastardi believes this is all a smokescreen.

“This is not about the weather. It’s not about climate. It’s not about science. Those things are being used to further another agenda,” Bastardi said. “And as someone who has loved (weather) all his life, it’s really disheartening to see this going on in my country.”

He believes the real purpose of the climate-change movement was on display in the People’s Climate March, which took aim at Wall Street and big business earlier in the week.

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