Common Core Horror Stories From Florida

Photo Credit: Daily CallerEarlier this week, parents and teachers convened at Royal Palm Beach High School in South Florida to discuss the massive torment which children in taxpayer-funded schools have endured as a result of the implementation of the Common Core Standards Initiative and the standardized tests that go along with it.

The sad misery of kindergarten students subjected to computerized testing was among biggest complaints presented by irate parents and frustrated teachers, reports the Palm Beach Post.

“I watched a student suffer for over an hour,” explained one elementary school teacher. “They had no idea how to work the computer mouse.”

Not surprisingly, teachers discovered that five- and six-year-old students either have insufficient experience with computers or don’t possess the motor skills to use a mouse to take standardized tests. Over the course of one day, for example, five teachers worked with 10 students — out of 120 —to complete their tests, notes the Post.

“What’s ‘drag and drop’ to a child who’s not worked on a computer?” vented another exasperated teacher. The teacher also griped that the textbooks her school purchased aren’t even the rights ones for the standardized test her school uses, according to the local newspaper.

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