Dick Morris: Texas Photo ID Ruling Slows Obama's 'Power Grab'

Photo Credit: APThose trying to stop Obama from turning America into a one-party nation should hail Saturday’s Supreme Court decision upholding the Texas Voter ID law. The photo identification requirement will stop the left from committing massive vote fraud. To understand how, we must grasp how the process works.

Acting under the authority of the Motor Voter Law, the federal Justice Department does not allow voting registrars to delete from the rolls the names of those who have not voted or answered post cards until four years have elapsed.

As a result, millions of dead voters and tens of millions who have moved are still on the voter rolls, opening a massive opportunity for fraud. With so many dead or relocated voters still eligible to have ballots cast in their name, the opportunities multiply. And having twelve million undocumented people living in America, the chances to get people to vote illegally increase.

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