Obama's Top 30 Most Disrespectful Insults to the Military

Photo Credit: Erich Schlegel / GettyHere are Obama’s top 30 most disrespectful insults to the military:

30) Looking past all his civilian aides to order a Marine to hold an umbrella over his head like a butler for an entire speech at the Rose Garden, in violation of military regulations.

29) Forcing race-baiting class warfare propaganda, extreme PC “sensitivity” measures, and Gay Pride Month on soldiers.

28) Taking credit for the success of the surge he opposed in Iraq.

27) Taking credit for the success of the interrogation policies he opposed that located Osama bin Laden.

26) Skipping the funeral of the highest-ranking officer to be killed on foreign soil in over 40 years (Major-General Harold J. Greene), to play golf.

25) Smearing veterans as potential domestic terrorists.

24) Trying to make wounded veterans cover their own medical treatment through private health insurance plans, which would inevitably end up increasing their out-of-pocket costs.

23) Blaming our troops for the Taliban attacking them…for everything from objecting to pedophilia and advocating women’s rights, to not wearing latex gloves while handling Korans and walking in front of Muslims while they are praying.

22) Rushing in to misrepresent the Ft. Hood massacre that killed 13 soldiers (one whom was pregnant) as mere “workplace violence.”

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