Cruz Challenges Constitutionality of Cromnibus Over Immigration

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) late Friday formally challenged the constitutionality of the $1 trillion spending bill, and launched a process that could force the Senate to vote on whether the bill violates the Constitution because it allows President Barack Obama to implement his executive action on immigration.

Cruz took to the floor Friday evening, and said Obama’s immigration action violates the Constitution and is closer to the act of a monarch than a president.

“The president has justified this illegal amnesty by saying he told Congress what he wanted, and Congress refused to give it to him,” Cruz said. “Well, Mr. President, the relationship in our constitutional republic between the president and the Congress is not the relationship between a parent and a child.”

“The president does not get to demand of Congress, ‘here is the policy I want; either give me what I want, or I will decree it to be so and ignore the law,’ ” he said. “That is the president’s bargaining position.”

After warning that Congress must stand its ground and fight Obama’s action, Cruz made a point of order against the spending bill by arguing it would allow Obama’s actions to stand.

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