Abortion Center in Dallas First to be Shut Down in 2015

Photo Credit: Life News
By Cheryl Sullenger. As the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals considers the constitutionality of Texas abortion safety laws, Operation Rescue has confirmed that Northpark Medical Group, an abortion facility in Dallas, Texas, has halted all abortions after the hospital that provided its two abortionists with privileges closed.

This represents the first abortion clinic to terminate abortion services in 2015, leaving just 549 surgical abortion clinics in America after clinic numbers hit a high-water mark on 1991 with 2,176 surgical abortion clinics. Last year, 73 abortion clinics nationwide closed or halted abortion services for at least part of the year – 60 of them permanently according to a survey conducted by Operation Rescue.

In Texas, 16 surgical abortion clinics remain, down from 44 in 2013, before Texas passed HB2, the law requiring abortion facilities to meet minimum safety standards. (Read more about the abortion center in Dallas that closed its doors HERE)


Abortion Activist Says Pro-Lifers are Just as Bad as Terrorists

By Jill Stanek. Jodi Jacobson, editor-in-chief of the pro-abortion website RH Reality Check, claimed today on Twitter there is no difference between Islamic terrorists and Christian pro-lifers, as documented by blackcommunitynews.com.

@seanmdav Yes, cuz U C, there’s no difference whn ideology is used 2 kill, maim, imprison women thru denial of healthcare or other violence.

— Jodi Jacobson (@jljacobson) January 9, 2015

Wow. Abortion activist @jljacobson just said there is “no difference” between the French terrorists and pro-lifers. https://t.co/oSST0fiNXI — Sean Davis (@seanmdav) January 9, 2015

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