Autistic Student Makes Mistake, Kicked Out of College for Sexual Assault

An autistic man attending classes at a local college has been kicked out of school and accused of sexual assault after mistakenly hugging and kissing a woman he did not know.

Brian Ferguson, 20, was attending special needs classes at the Waxahachie, Texas campus of Navarro College when he spotted a woman he thought he recognized. He walked up behind her and gave her a hug and kiss on the head.

According to his mother, Staci Martin, that’s simply how Ferguson greets friends.

“He’s 6’5″, so when he gives hugs, he’ll give you a big hug and kiss you right here on the top of your scalp,” she told a Dallas NBC affiliate.

Nonetheless, the female student reported the incident to school officials, who responded by banning Ferguson from campus. (Read more from “Autistic Student Makes Mistake” HERE)

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