“I’m One of the 10%”: Actor With Down Syndrome Grateful He Wasn’t Aborted

Photo Credit: Life Site NewsDavid DeSanctis, born with Down’s syndrome, will tell anyone that no chromosome abnormality is going to hold him back from living his Hollywood dream.

The 23-year-old recently starred in the independent feature film, “Where Hope Grows,” set to be released this May.

“The movie is about a down and out former baseball player who chokes at the plate, gets sent home, has issues with his teenage daughter, and drinking issues,” DeSanctis told LifeSiteNews in a video interview at the D.C. March for Life last week.

DeSanctis acts in character as a Down’s syndrome young adult who works in the produce section of a grocery store. His friendship helps lift the down-and-out baseball player out of despair and into a discovery of what life’s really all about. (Read more about the actor with Down syndrome HERE)

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