Watch: Joe Miller’s New Year’s Message

Photo Credit: Western Journalism

Photo Credit: Western Journalism

The Conservative Campaign Committee interviewed a number of conservatives, including members of Congress and anti-establishment political candidates during their New Year’s Eve Party last night. Joe Miller was invited to attend via Skype.

Lloyd Marcus and Andy Surabian asked Joe about Senator Begich’s loss last November, what the new Congress should do, and what Joe’s plans are for 2016.

Joe noted that Begich, as a loyal Obama disciple, had to go. He also said that he hoped Dan Sullivan would “vote with the good guys” and do what he said he’d do during the campaign.

With respect to the new Congress, Joe said that it must have the backbone to confront the Obama administration and restrain the President by limiting his funding. The Congress should vote to repeal Obamacare even though the President would veto it.

Joe argued that both Senator Murkowski and Representative Young need to be replaced by real conservatives, but did not commit to running against either one of them in 2016.

Listen to Joe’s full response here [the YouTube is set to play at the beginning of the interview]:

[Our apologies for the quality of the audio; Joe Miller’s Skype connection was briefly interrupted several times during the interview]

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