Conservatives laugh at Charlie Sheen’s ‘Republican’ revelation: ‘Can we throw that one back?’ [+video]

By Nicole Haas. Just when the wacky antics of actor Charlie Sheen seemed to be dying down, he announced that he could run for president – as a Constitutional Republican!

Michael Loftus, the host of “The Flipside,” interviewed Sheen and asked him to name three laws he would pass if he were ‘King of America’ . . .

“Skilled vets in front of our schools, 10 percent tax across the board,” he started with.

“Flat tax? … I’m down with that,” said Loftus . . .

“The third would be, to just stop it, everybody relax. … Put the Constitution back into place. … I’m a Constitutional Republican, I believe in the Constitution, ya know? (Read more on why Conservatives laugh at Charlie Sheen HERE)


Charlie Sheen: Brian Williams ‘Victim’ of Vile Witch Hunt

By Elizabeth Vanmetre. Charlie Sheen proved to be a big fan of the NBC anchor who was suspended Tuesday night without pay for six months.

Sheen took to Twitter and tweeted, what seems to be some sort of letter in poem form beginning with, “Dear Mr. Williams.”

His tweet, which he had to use the app “TwitLonger” because of its length, thanked the “Nightly News” anchor for his “24 years of inimitable professionalism and top shelf brilliance, as a stone cold passion drive and perfectly fact based journalist.”

“You good sir, are a hero in my “Entire Library,” the actor added.

Maybe the strangest part of the tweet was when he called Williams a “victim of a transparent and vile witch hunt.” (Read more from this story HERE)

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