Former US Attorney Describes Corruption in Federal Judiciary, Department of Justice

Constitutional Law Attorney Herb Titus was recently interviewed on The Joe Miller Show and described, “for the first time,” his experience as Special Assistant U.S. Attorney where he discovered that federal agents were illegally wiretapping to gather evidence. He also described his shock at discovering that the U.S. Attorney had a “secret passageway” to the federal judge’s office so he could have unlawful ex parte communications with him. He said this type of corruption has continued to the present because of lack of accountability.

Mr. Titus also provided his perspective of the Second Amendment, that its purpose is for “shooting tyrants,” not for protecting sporting and hunting rights. He’s very concerned about the Obama Administration’s effort to impose limits on AR15 ammunition. Additionally, he discussed his efforts in Colorado to roll back the anti-gun legislation that led to several legislators’ defeat during recall elections last year.

Attorney Titus gave his perspective of the Fourth Amendment, explaining that the federal courts’ interpretation of the Fourth Amendment under the guise of “expectations of privacy” is wrong. Rather, the court should take the Founders’ view that only a “superior property right” would grant the government the right to a search warrant. He discussed with Joe why the feds believe they have the right to a warrantless search of everything on the cloud and the implications for privacy in the future.

Finally, Mr. Titus talked about the cases involving Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore. Currently, Mr. Titus is representing Justice Moore, and he also defended Justice Moore during the Ten Commandments Case several years ago.

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