Jeb Bush is Unelectable According to This Conservative Group [+video]

Photo Credit: Daily Signal By Ken McIntyre. A conservative group’s new online ad portrays Jeb Bush as “unelectable” to the presidency because the Republican presented a public service award to the Democratic favorite, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton received the award, the video emphasizes, on Sept. 10, 2013 – one day short of the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead and stained her legacy as secretary of state.

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Hotline’s GOP Presidential Power Rankings

By National Journal Staff. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and a surging Scott Walker top Hotline’s new GOP Presidential Power Rankings – in part because they’re that good, and in part because the competition has been so bad.

If you’re going to make mistakes in the presidential race, it’s better to make them early. But Rand Paul and Chris Christie have stumbled so often they’ve slipped from the top-tier slots they occupied in the first round of the Power Rankings we released last month. Walker is moving hard in the opposite direction.

We rank would-be candidates’ chances of winning the Republican nomination based on their individual strengths and weaknesses, political organizations, poll numbers – and on the odds that they even decide to run. No serious candidates are officially running yet. Here’s how it looks if they do:

1. Jeb Bush (Previous ranking: 1)

The former Florida governor stays on top for now, if only because his fundraising prowess — charging $100,000 per ticket at a recent Wall Street event — is unrivaled among his Republican peers. But the past few weeks have revealed chinks in Bush’s armor. For starters, his first major policy speech in Detroit was flat and uninspiring; it wasn’t until the Q&A section that Bush came to life and spoke with energy and urgency about his candidacy. Worse was Bush’s failure to properly vet CTO Ethan Czahor, who was pushed out after reporters found a history of offensive remarks on social media and elsewhere. Bush aspires to be a hip, 21st-century campaigner. But his team’s failure to investigate the background of a major hire — whose 177 tweets could have been reviewed in a matter of minutes — raises serious doubts about the agility and tech savvy of the emerging Bush operation. Remember: His last winning campaign was in 2002, before Twitter even existed.

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