Rudy Giuliani Just Issued This Epic Message About Obama [+videos]

By Conservative Tribune. “They have been murdered, they have been slaughtered, they have been raped, they have been tortured , they have been beheaded, they have been burned by a movement the president of United State will not recognize.”

Rudy Giuliani then seemed visibly upset and asked a very simple question about Obama.

“What is wrong with him?!”

(Read more about the message about Obama HERE)


Ex-Muslim Professor Warns the West About Islam


Barack Obama: US at War With Those Perverting Islam

By BBC. Barack Obama: “We have to confront, squarely and honestly, the twisted ideologies that these terrorist groups use to incite people to violence”

US President Barack Obama says the US is “not at war with Islam – we are at war with the people who have perverted Islam”.

He was speaking to representatives from 60 nations attending a three-day event on extremism that follows attacks in Denmark and France.

Mr Obama said the world had to confront the ideologies that radicalise people. (Read more from this story HERE)

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