Shocker: Brian Williams Hasn’t Donated a Dime to His Cash-Strapped High School

By Natalie O’Neill and Gary Buiso. Brian Williams plays fast and loose with the truth, but apparently keeps a tight grip on his wallet.

The disgraced NBC newsman hasn’t given a dime to his old New Jersey high school, which is trying to raise enough dough just to stay open, principal Craig Palmer told The Post.

Middletown’s Mater Dei Prep warns it will be forced to shut its doors by June if it doesn’t raise enough cash. Earlier this month, supporters launched a campaign to raise $1 million.

The school has raised $427,000, but is still waiting to hear from its most famous graduate, according to Palmer.

Earlier this month, Williams, 55, said he was “heartbroken” when he learned of the school’s sorry financial state. (Read more about Williams never donating to his cash-strapped high school HERE)


What Brian Williams Could Learn From Bill O’Reilly

By Andrew Wallenstein. The evidence is mounting that Bill O’Reilly fudged the truth of his coverage of the Falklands War, much the way Brian Williams did same regarding his time in Iraq.

Debate all you want whether one man’s words were more inaccurate than the other’s. But how they chose to react to their respective controversies is quite different, and perhaps will make all the difference in determining their fates . . .

Sadly, the way Williams chose to rise above the fray is not a countermeasure that works well in these fevered, Twitter-driven times. To suggest that you are too high and mighty to dignify allegations with anything more than a rote response is a bygone from a long-ago era.

When a celebrity in the crosshairs goes silent, it creates a vacuum more deafening than the din of the accusations being leveled. It conjures up images of backroom spin doctors helping the privileged cover up their crimes. Once that enters the picture, you’re already dead.

O’Reilly didn’t let that happen. He reacted with instant indignance. It’s as if he’s so outraged by the allegations that he can’t shut up. That’s the way to go. (Read more from this story HERE)

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