Star Parker: Obama Committed ‘Verbal Rape’ at Prayer Breakfast [+video]

By Nicole Haas. Controversy over President Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast remarks comparing medieval Christianity with modern-day Islamic State savagery won’t die down anytime soon.

Conservative author and columnist Star Parker didn’t mince words Monday when she told a panel of guests on Fox News’ “Hannity” what it was like to be sitting in the audience at the breakfast.

“Let me put in context then because I was in the room,” Parker said. “It was frankly verbal rape. Oh yeah. We were not expecting it. Nobody wanted it. It was horrible to sit through. And after it was over we all felt like crap.

“Verbal rape is what it was,” Parker said.

Gasps ensued from some of the show’s other guests which included Geraldo Rivera who said she was using a ‘harsh’ term. (Read more about how Obama committed ‘verbal rape’ HERE)


Interesting Things Obama Said In His Interview With BuzzFeed News

By Dylan Stablefold. On Tuesday, President Barack Obama sat down for an interview with BuzzFeed News, a website that is best known for its listicles (“21 Super Cute Dogs Who Are Embracing This Never-Ending Winter”) but has become, under Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith, equally adept at breaking news, deep reporting, and the kind of longer-form journalism found in traditional and new-media outlets. In a wide-ranging, 22-minute discussion, Obama talked with Smith about Russia, Ukraine, the fight against IS, marijuana legalization, transgender rights, 2016 and more. Below, five highlights from the interview.

Hillary Clinton is a “highly qualified” candidate for president — and so is Jeb Bush.

“They’re both obviously highly qualified candidates,” Obama said. “Hillary Clinton I know much better than I know Jeb Bush, and I think she’d be an outstanding president. My understanding is that everybody else is younger than me, which I guess matches up with my gray hair. But, you know, ultimately what people are going to be looking for in the next president is what they always look for in a president, and that is somebody who is attuned to the hopes and dreams of the American people at a particular moment in time.” (Read more from this story HERE)

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