Watch: Unexpected End to Texas Car Chase Stuns Newscasters

By Kevin Young. A high-speed police chase came to a dramatic end Wednesday in North Dallas when the driver rear-ended a family’s minivan and was promptly tackled, dragged into the street and beaten by a woman and a man whose vehicle he rear-ended.

Dallas police identified the suspect as 40-year-old Artrai Alexander and said he allegedly stole a Dodge Challenger from a convenience store in the 3000 block of Grand Avenue, near Fair Park . . .

Dallas police chased the stolen vehicle along residential streets, parking lots and Interstate 635 until the driver tried to split between two cars at a stoplight but instead rammed into them at Walnut Hill Lane and Abrams Road.

Jessica Liesmann, who was driving the minivan the suspect hit, and her boyfriend Charles Cook got out of their van, quickly approached the suspect’s vehicle and fought him to the ground before police officers arrived and arrested him.

“I saw him come behind me and hit me. I turned around and asked my son, ‘Are you okay?’ and he was like ‘Yeah’ – so I jumped out the car and was like, ‘What the hell is wrong with you? You’re in a school zone. What are you thinking?’ He didn’t say anything,” Liesmann said. (Read more about the Texas car chase HERE)


‘Mama Bear’ Receives Free Car After Stopping Criminal in High Speed Chase

By CBS Local. The woman we’ve come to know as “Mama Bear”, since her heroic act of taking down a suspect on the run Wednesday, is now the owner of a new KIA.

“My heart is beating really hard right now,” says and excited Jessica Liesmann.

When Liesmann came to Southwest KIA she thought she was getting a free loaner car for awhile. Bill Dickason had other ideas.

“We’re going to donate a car and you’re going to tell me which one you want,” Dickason told Liesmann. (Read more from this story HERE)

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