Abortion Practitioner Tells Colleagues: Don’t Let Women See Ultrasound of Their Babies [+videos]

By Sarah Terzo. Dr. Sally Faith Dorfman, who worked at Einstein Medical College, gave the following advice to abortion providers:

A compassionate and sensitive sonographer should remember to turn the screen away from the plane of view [of the woman having an abortion]. Staff, too, may find themselves increasingly disturbed by the repeated visual impact of an aspect of their work that they need to partially deny in order to continue to function optimally and to concentrate on the needs of the women who come to them for help.

(Read more from this story about abortionists who don’t want to let women see ultrasound of their babies HERE)


Watch: Abortionist Shows Feet, Hands and Body of Baby He Aborted in Rare Video

By Carole Novielli. Abortionist Dennis Christensen shows the remains of the abortion, the feet, hands, etc. He thinks he is providing a good service by “removing the responsibility of parenthood” from this woman . . .

Meanwhile, reporters spent a day at the abortion clinic of abortionist, Dennis Christensen. What they discovered during that visit was published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on April 11,1999, in an article entitled, Performing an abortion a 3-minute procedure.

Warning: Graphic Video

This quote by the reporter came from that story, “Occasionally, a patient will want to see what he’s removed from her uterus. If he and the counselors think it will help her emotionally with her decision to terminate the pregnancy, they’ll allow it. (Read more about the rare video HERE)

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