Dear Racist, Looting, Rioting Scumbags in Baltimore . . .

BaltimoreOpEd-Link-1024x535We live in an age of sensationalism. We find ourselves in an era where every headline has to grab your attention, regardless of its substance in order to generate your digital patronage.

That’s the news industry in which we live.

I’m hoping this can cut through that.

To the looters, to the vandals, the felons, the people in Baltimore (and elsewhere) ruining this great Republic of ours: before you call me a racist, before you call me insensitive – understand that to use both would be an oxymoron.

It is my complete lack of any interest in your race, background, gender, personal beliefs and/or struggles that makes me an insensitive jerk. I accept that. It also makes me incapable of discrimination.

You are animals. If you are able to destroy the home or business of your neighbor, you’ve lost your humanity. If you are able to harm your fellow man, to scare their children, to do so with a clean conscience, merely because of something that some cop may or may not have done, which has nothing to do with you – you are a horrible human being. You disgust me, as you should anyone who wishes to be a part of civilized society.

Leftists will come to your defense and demand “understanding”. You deserve none. We are past the point of understanding. You deserve justice.

I reserve my “understanding” for the people you’ve hurt, for the businesses you’ve cost countless sums of money, blood, sweat and tears. If that makes me “insensitive”, then you are the one who is placing greater value on the grievance of the felons, than that of the tax-paying, law abiding citizen. You are siding with the criminal, over the local business owner.

I was raised in Canada, and moved to the United States as soon as I was legally able. This is not the America I sought. This is not the shining city on a hill which I admired from afar. It turns my stomach, and it makes me even more sick to know that people like me will be vilified for voicing these opinions.

This isn’t just a dark day for America, this is a dark day for humanity. These actions don’t merely bring shame on any individual race. Rather, the human race. To all the decent people left, kiss your wives and hug your children. We are on the cusp of darkness the likes of which this country has never seen.

Signed, One Insensitive Jerk.

(See “Dear Racist, Looting, Rioting Scumbags in Baltimore…”, originally posted HERE)

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