104-Year-Old Woman Shares Her Secret to Longevity, and It’s Great

Photo Credit: Life News

Photo Credit: Life News

This month, Con Mac celebrated her 104th year of life. Mac credits her long life to exercise, family, clean eating and praying every day. In Florida, she’s a member of the YMCA and goes in seven days a week to exercise along with her daughter. A friend of the woman, Judi Greenburg, said, ““I think she’s a wonderful, wonderful image to follow. We’re so proud of her.”

CBS Miami reports that Con Mac moved from Vietnam to the United States in 1975. She was a widow and raised her two children by herself. Mac’s daughter, Bich-De Lu, says her mother has lived so long because she knows how to relax and find time to watch the moon. Additionally, Mac is a vegetarian and loves to cook.

The woman has nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, and has always encouraged her children to pursue education. Remarkably, five of her grandchildren are doctors and one is a pharmacist. Her great-granddaughter, Kristy Nguyen, said, “She is just an amazing woman. I can’t believe that she is turning 104 and I just think that she’s probably the most amazing people I know.” (Read more from “104-Year-Old Woman Shares Her Secret to Longevity, and It’s Great” HERE)

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