Obama Task Force Seeks to Federalize Law Enforcement, Remove Power of Sheriffs

photo credit: conner395The call to federalize law enforcement departments and offices around the country was made more than once after Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014.

Following that incident, President Obama asked a group of individuals to prepare a study on 21st Century Policing that includes measures by which law enforcement could be federalized.

Not surprisingly, many of the study’s findings and suggestions have nothing to do with the details or evidence surrounding Officer Wilson and Michael Brown but read like a social justice wish list for minorities, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and protesters who riot in response to half-truths propagated by race-hucksters stirring the pot in Ferguson, New York City, and Baltimore.

It must be noted that one stark result of such federalization would be the successful and quiet removal of opposition to gun control via new constraints on sheriffs around the country who currently enjoy relative freedom from extensive federal input and oversight. As we have seen from the Sandy Hook Elementary attack until now, the strongest voices against federal gun control have often been sheriffs in states where gun rights reign supreme. These same sheriffs have also pushed back against anti-Second Amendment legislators in their own states by pledging their refusal to enforce new gun laws, should such laws be enacted.

Federalizing sheriffs would effectively moot this opposition. (Read more about Obama’s task force seeking to federalize law enforcement HERE)