Alaska’s Joint Army-Air Force Base Promotes, Sponsors First Drag Queen Event for Families, Children

Using federal tax dollars, Alaska’s Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) is promoting a “family event” involving drag queens and the transgender “Rev. Drew Phoenix” – formerly Ann Gordon – who made national headlines over her sex change and effort to keep her Methodist credentials several years ago.

The base’s first drag queen event, published on JBER’s official Facebook page, announces “special drag performances by: Hank and Callie”:

The full post continues:

Apparently, the military base believes that this is a family-friendly event, stating that “family members are encouraged to attend.”

The military base’s efforts to promote the LGBT agenda has drawn a sharp reaction from service members. The comments on the military installation’s Facebook page are overwhelmingly opposed to the event and the efforts of the military brass to characterize it as “family” appropriate. Here are just a few of the comments:

The keynote speaker for the event – the so-called “Reverend Drew Phoenix” – told the annual United Methodist Church conference in 2007 that, “My transition to live fully as the male I know myself to be is very personal and deeply spiritual,” Phoenix told the annual conference. “As I continue to transition, to fully claim myself as a male, I find myself coming home to the child God created me to be. I find myself joyful, whole, and peaceful. And I find myself even more effective as a pastor.”

Walt Heyer, another individual who lived the transgender lifestyle and actually went through a surgical gender reassignment surgery – and then regretted it – fundamentally disagrees with the former Rev. Ann Gordon, and the efforts of the U.S. Military to promote transgenderism as “normal”: