Tyranny: California Poised to Mandate Vaccines, Eliminate ALL Parental, Religious Objections

By Sarah Kaplan. Months after a virulent measles outbreak spread from one Disneyland visitor to more than 100 California residents, the state that’s been described as an “anti-vaccination hotbed” is poised to pass one of the nation’s toughest laws requiring immunizations.

The bill approved by the California assembly Thursday strikes down the state’s personal belief exemption, which allows parents to opt their children out of vaccinations for religious reasons. Under the new rules, only children with serious health problems (such as a compromised immune system) would be exempt from mandatory vaccination schedules, and those who opt out will have to be homeschooled.

The legislation now goes to California Gov. Jerry Brown (D). According to the Los Angeles Times, it’s unclear if Brown will sign it.

“The governor believes that vaccinations are profoundly important and a major public health benefit, and any bill that reaches his desk will be closely considered,” Evan Westrup, Brown’s spokesperson, told the Times Thursday.

If the bill becomes law, California will become only the third state in the country to deny exemptions based on religious convictions. The other two are Mississippi and West Virginia. (Read more from “Tyranny: California Poised to Mandate Vaccines, Eliminate ALL Parental, Religious Objections” HERE)


How a Nazi Mass Murderer Became Executive for Vaccines in America

By Jews News. Fritz ter Meer, found guilty of slavery and mass murder at Auschwitz, served only seven years in prison and became Chairman of the Board at Bayer in 1956. Still trust U.S. vaccines?

Carl Krauch, Executive Member of IG Farben and Head of Military Economics for Hitler, found guilty of slavery and mass murder, served just 6 years in prison, then became Chairman of the Board for BASF in 1952. Still want to get those flu shots? How about that HPV shot for your daughter or son?

This is the same vaccine industry today which protected and employed Nazi war criminals. The very industry that produced the Nazi gas chambers was purchased by Bayer. So, exactly whom are you trusting with your children’s health and welfare?

Currently, the U.S. Government and the CDC rely solely on the manufacturers of vaccines to report problems, injuries and deaths. This atrocity is like letting murderers be their own judges in court! Where are the checks and balances this country was founded upon? Vaccines have economic and political agendas now, and the FDA does absolutely no testing of their own before making decisions to release vaccines to the masses.

Want more research before you or your child get injected with a new concocted disease for which there is no cure? Listen to stunning admissions by vaccine industry experts, including Dr. Maurice Hilleman (formerly w/Merck), who admitted to the deadly nature of the most trusted vaccines. (Read more from “How a Nazi Mass Murderer Became Executive for Vaccines in America” HERE)

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