What Is RINO Boehner’s Definition of a Conservative Agenda?

Speaker Boehner is doling out new punishments to conservatives. The Hill reports Boehner has defended his “tough love” actions saying, “We are in the majority. Part of being in the majority is advancing an agenda — a conservative agenda.”

Conservative agenda? This has to make one wonder what Boehner’s version of a “conservative agenda” really is.

With this article is a graphical review of the Republican-dominated House of Representatives’ accomplishments from this “conservative agenda” Boehner defends.

Those are only the accomplishments achieved during the past 6 months. There are 18 more months left of this “conservative agenda.”

Everything is backwards with GOP leadership, when Republicans dissent from the Obama agenda that Boehner is trying to rubber stamp, that is when the screws come out. Almost as if a transsexual party we have a transpolitical party, voters elected the Republican Party and what they got was a bunch of politicians that self-identify as Democrats that punish Republicans for not supporting the Obama agenda.

Now go back to The Hill article to see the hubris of the Washington Establishment on full display.

Here are some favorite quotes:

“The fact is we’ve got more than 200 rank-and-file members who are royally pissed off at those guys for voting to turn the House floor over to Nancy Pelosi,” said a senior GOP leadership aide.

See accomplishments listed above. Who is running the House floor again?

Also, what the GOP Establishment is not fessing up to is that the Obamatrade rule that governed its floor consideration contained several self-executing provisions that were intended to pass legislation without the majority of Republicans being forced to affirmatively vote for the provisions. Plain and simple: cowardice.

Here is another quote from a GOP Leadership aide:

“Taxpayer-funded travel is a privilege and not a right.”

Just to be clear, your tax dollars are being used as leverage to buy votes for liberal accomplishments to advance Boehner’s “conservative agenda.” Members are being denied those taxpayer funds to take critical national security-related trips because they disagree with….Obama’s agenda!

Apparently it’s now fair game to oust conservatives from positions of influence, hence Congressman Mark Meadows (R- NC) getting removed from his subcommittee and threats against freshman Congressmen Ken Buck (R-CO) of being pushed out as freshmen class president.

So now that the ground rules have been established that it is fine and dandy to target positions of influence, liberal Republicans won’t mind if conservatives fight fire with fire. It’s time for House conservatives to wake up to the reality of the war leadership has waged against them and decide their course of action. Will it be to sit by while more of this so-called “conservative agenda” is forced down the throats of voters? Or will it be to fight back even harder, regardless of the consequences? (“What Is Boehner’s Definition of a Conservative Agenda?”, originally posted HERE)

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