Ancient Peru Mystery: Archaeologists Unveil New Geoglyphs on Peru’s Nazca Plateau

Japanese archaeologists have discovered 24 new geoglyphs on the Nazca Plateau in Peru that they say are similar to the animal shapes for which the region is famous – but were created two centuries earlier.

Archaeologists from the University of Yamagata in Japan made the discovery a mile north of the city of Nazca, in central Peru. The shapes are mostly geometrical, including a figure resembling a flame and other less recognizable representations.

According to a report submitted to the Peruvian government by the Japanese team, the newfound figures are smaller and less distinct than the older ones (a spider, a hummingbird, a condor and a monkey) but it would seem that some of the new ones depict llamas.

“Because they have been degraded, it is difficult to determine the exact shape of the picture on the ground of all the animals,” the researchers said told the Telegraph.

The head of the team, Dr. Masato Sakai, told the paper they used a three-dimensional scanner and photos to highlight the degraded lines and identify the images. (Read more from “Ancient Peru Mystery: Archaeologists Unveil New Geoglyphs on Peru’s Nazca Plateau” HERE)

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