Greeks See ‘Humiliation’ in Harsh Terms of Eurozone Bailout

Greeks were bracing Monday for the effects of the tough terms of an agreement that secured the country’s third bailout in five years, with many rejecting them while others said they were necessary to stay in the euro.

Haralambos Rouliskos, a 60-year-old economist who was out walking in Athens, described the deal as “misery, humiliation and slavery”.

Katerina Katsaba, a 52-year-old working for a pharmaceutical company, said: “I am not in favour of this deal. I know they (the eurozone creditors) are trying to blackmail us.”

But, Katsaba added: “I trust our prime minister — the decisions he will take will be for the best interests of all of us.”

The outline deal thrashed out between the 19 eurozone nations in strained overnight talks calls for Greece to push through a range of reforms to secure a bailout worth up to 86 billion euros ($96 billion). Without it, the country’s economy will collapse. (Read more from “Greeks See ‘Humiliation’ in Harsh Terms of Eurozone Bailout” HERE)

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