Local Dealership Forced to Remove American Flag Banners or Do This

Palm Beach County Code Enforcement says the dealership has until Monday, July 6th to remove the banners. The county code allows for up to 3 official flags to be displayed, this would include American Flags, but under the current code it does not allow feather banners.

“The property is not receiving any fines and will not have any further action if the feathers are removed by our next inspection which will be Monday July 6,” said an email from Rebecca Caldwell, Palm Beach County Zoning, Planning, and Building Department.

The email went on to say that if the feather banners are not removed by the next inspection date, which would be Monday July, 6th, then the matter would be scheduled for a hearing by the Special Magistrate who will decide what action if any should be taken . . .

A local car dealership may be paying a price for patriotism. The Kia car dealership on South Military Trail was issued a code-enforcement violation from Palm Beach County for displaying American Flag banners on its property.

The notice cites a Unified Land Development code that prohibits displaying banners, streamers, pennants, balloons or other signage made of lightweight fabric, plastic, or similar material. (Read more from “Local Dealership Forced to Remove American Flag Banners or Do This” HERE)

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