Russell Wilson Appears in Church Question and Answer; Talks Faith [+video]

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson made an appearance for a question and answer session at The Rock Church in San Diego over the weekend. Wilson, who is openly devout (and often posts scripture from his official Twitter account) helped lead a discussion about about his faith, his family, and his relationship with singer Ciara.

The Church’s Pastor Miles McPherson and Wilson carried on with casual banter — McPherson even got a playful jab in about Wilson’s height (“What are you, about 5’9”? he asked; “Yeah, 5’8”’ joked Wilson).

Wilson admitted he wasn’t always as devout as he is today, saying that when he was young he used to go to church to see a crush; however, he began to foster his faith as he grew older. According to Wilson, at 14 he dreamt that his father passed away, and Jesus walked into the room and told him “I’m preparing you.” This moment, and a number of other moments Wilson discusses in the video, have helped shape his faith.

Wilson also spoke about his relationship with his girlfriend, singer Ciara [Harris].

“She’s everything you could ever want, honestly. She’s a special girl. I met her I don’t know how long ago… five, six months ago. Funny thing is, I told somebody ‘that’s the girl I want to be with’ before I even met her. (Read more from “Russell Wilson Appears in Church Question and Answer; Talks Faith” HERE)

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