Transgender Only Modeling Agency Opening in This City

In November 2014, Thailand’s Apple Model Management became the first agency in the world to represent transgender models in addition to its stable cisgender (non-trans) male and female models. This summer, Apple Model Management L.A. [Los Angeles] will open its doors to exclusively represent transgender models.

“We see trans individuals as beautiful,” says L.A. agency director Cecilio Asuncion. “Our strong commitment to developing them as successful models is never about quantifying or qualifying their gender. It’s never a question of if they are women or men, it’s about their passion and commitment to being the best possible models they can be.”

Asuncion, whose award winning documentary film What’s the T? explores the lives of transgender women, points out that there have been trans models throughout history such as Candy Darling, Caroline Cossey (aka Tula), Octavia Saint Laurent, and now Andreja Pejic. “But their full potential was never reached because of the stigma the community-at-large had towards the trans community,” he says. “This has to change.” (Read more from “Transgender Only Modeling Agency Opening in This City” at this pro-homosexual website HERE)

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