Kentucky Clerk Remains Behind Bars After 6 Days, Appeals Judge’s Order supporters of jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis prepared for a Tuesday rally featuring Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Davis remained in jail, even as her attorneys spent the holiday weekend fighting a judge’s order that sent her there.

Davis is the Kentucky county clerk who has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. A new appeal, filed Monday with the federal appeals court in Cincinnati, came four days after the Rowan County clerk was held in contempt of court for defying a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalizes gay marriage. Davis cited her religious beliefs in her refusal to issue the licenses.

Davis’ attorneys asked Kentucky Gov. Steven Beshear to accommodate her “religious conviction” and have her freed from jail.

“Today is a holiday where most people are spending time with family and friends,” said attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel. “But for Kim Davis this is day five of her incarceration. While she is content no matter her circumstances because of her deep faith and Jesus, she should be free.”

Staver’s motion asks for an exemption from the governor’s mandate that all county clerks issue marriage licenses, even to same-sex couples. “Coercing Mrs. Davis to authorize and personally approve same-sex marriage in violation of her religious convictions and conscience is wrong,” Staver said. (Read more from “Kentucky Clerk Remains Behind Bars After 6 Days, Appeals Judge’s Order” HERE)

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